Sweet Honey & A Sweeter Surprise

First things first, the surprise: 

I’m one of those people who gets really excited about gifts. Especially surprises. It’s my love language! I get even more enjoyment out of giving them, too.  

That being said, my bestie is the best. Last week she surprised me and our friend Hillary with a bag of goodies for our upcoming road trip to Tennessee! (T-Minus 13 days and counting) It was so sweet and totally made my day. 


  • A pink chevron tote
  • My weakness… A blanket!
  • UnoDare. Perfect for drunk nights on the balcony, perhaps? 
  • A sign that speaks to my soul. Its perfect for me! Can’t wait to find a place for it
  • Aleve. For the morning after Uno Dare
  • A pink Sharpie for leaving our mark everywhere in Gatlinburg
  • And an “All you need is love and a dog” notebook. My favorite part! 


Seriously, how sweet was this?! 


We’ve been planning this trip for about 4 months and the time has flown by faster than the holidays. Alisa sends us daily countdowns and we’ve picked out so many fun activities like white water rafting and ziplining! It’s going to be a blassssst.

Now for some honey, honey:



Mom wanted to get some local honey the other day, so we went to one down the road. 



The bee boxes on their property. How cool! I think having bee’s would be fun. You know, stinging aside. 


They closed at 4, but they had a self service area so we did that. 


They leave their honey out with prices on the lid, you take what you want a slip your money through the door. Isnt that awesome? You really don’t see stuff like that anymore. 


We got two big gallons and a 24oz bear. Mom really likes her honey. 



Local honey has tons of health benefits. It is said to help you build immunity to local allergens, not to mention when its raw like this it keeps its antioxidants and enzymes (processed honey destroys most of these). Thank you bees ❤


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