Weekend Recap

I will finally be all caught up after this post! Sigh of relief. That’s what a hectic life will do to you I suppose. 

Friday night was date night, my favorite ❤ we never really went on dates before, and now we make time to be together just the two of us at least once a week. Its been amazing for our relationship!


Casey took me to Fish City. We just love that place! There’s never a wait and the food is always on point. This, my friends, is crab and shrimp stuffed flounder. I know. It was ten times more delicious than it sounds and most definitley worth every calorie-filled bite. I ordered it because there were capers on it. I love capers! So salty. 

After dinner with my love we just relaxed a bit. I had to be up early the next morning. 


There’s not much that will get me out of bed early on a Saturday. Sleep is my queen. But my friend Chelsea asked me to help her organize her classroom and I couldn’t turn down the offer! I’m one of the weird people who like, no, love to organize. 


I left around 8:00, coffee in tow, to meet her. 


This is her room… Isn’t it cute!? I love her paper lanters on the ceiling.


Chelsea is a first year third grade teacher. She was in the medical field when she decided a few months ago to be a teacher, and now she is! How exciting is that? I loved listening to what she had to say about it. I take all the advice I can get! 


Helping her with her room made me ten times more excited for having my own. A little over a year to go! I’ll probably be hyperventilating when the time comes.


After hanging with her I went to Caseys for a little while. We played with Bear outside and enjoyed the afternoon! Look at dat wittle faceee. 

Bear only hungout with me because he wanted some of my Clif Bar. Case got it for me because it was pumpkin spice. He knows me too well 😁 basic.

I left and went home to get ready for a night with my sisters!


I am blessed to have grown up with 4 amazing women to laugh with and look up to. My big sisters. We are all connected through Julie, the piece that ties us together. 


 We went to Darby’s house for a “Fall Crafternoon” to make pumpkin decor. We did this last year and decided to make it a tradition, that way we can all get together at least once a year! 


Before anybody got crafty we had to grub out and drown ourselves in delicious cider. Darby killed this recipe!


She also bought us macaroons which were so wonderful! Ive never been a huge fan, but these changed my mind. 


We didnt stop there. We ate a fried balls of mozzarella cheese with parsley and something else in it that was out of this world, along with Julie’s Apple tartlets which were gold. Dawn also made owl brownies that were so rich and delish! 

With full bellies we put on Halloween Pandora and got to work on our pumpkins! We had so much fun laughing and talking for hours. Its a shame we don’t get together more often.

Our finished product! They all turned out really cute, right?   


It was a blast and I can’t wait until next year to do it all again! 

Sunday morning me and Casey went to Publix to grab some food for the Bucs game!

I knew I needed to make better decisions, especially after the night before. The juice was amazing and fresh but the salad had odd dressing, it was thick and gloopy. I ate it though! 

We watched the game at his dads house and it was awful. We played like garbage but somehow still pulled out a win. I guess thats better than nothing! Overall it was a great weekend with some great friends and family!


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