My First Hockey Game!

When I was growing up we didn’t watch hockey. Our house was run on college football and the Golf Channel, with the occasional Braves game. Other than that, we didn’t care. As I’ve grown and had my own home filled with noisy guys and a tv mainly on ESPN I’ve learned to enjoy NASCAR and the NFL (still not a soccer or tennis fan). Now, it’s hockey’s turn! 

Casey’s good friend Dean and his wife Whitney invited us to the Tampa Bay Lightning pre-season game last night. I was so excited to go because Ive heard hockey is the best sport to watch live! 

Our seats were like 6 rows up! I loved being so close to the ice, you could see and hear everything! Amalie arena is really nice, if you remember we went to a arena football game there a couple months ago. 

Poor Casey had to deal with me asking a million questions. “Can they hit like that?!” “Is there an out of bounds area?” “Whats a penalty box?” “Does that goalie stay there the whole time?!” You get the idea. I know it probably drove him crazy, but he answered and explained everything lovingly 😘 Hey, I need to know these things if I’m going to be a fan!

It was so much fun! I am definitley going to be watching hockey this year. They got in so many fights on the ice and the fans are such a good crowd! Everyone would lose their minds anytime a goal was scored. And we won! It was great. I can’t wait to go to another game!

After the game we grabbed dinner at Chilis and headed back home. It was nice to hang out with some new friends! 

Speaking of sports…

Has anyone else tried this Gatorade?! Its so good! Casey hates it but I think it’s so refreshing. He wasn’t feeling well Thursday so I grabbed him a Gatorade after work and they were 2/$3, so I snagged this for myself. 

I hungout for a little bit and he showed me Bear’s new favorite toy, the basketball. He can literally carry that thing in his mouth! It’s hilarious.

He is too much sometimes. I love him to pieces! 

This one cracks me up! He’s thanking Jesus for the basketball 😂 okay, picture overload complete. 

Happy weekend!


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