Saturday Casey and I wanted to go explore a new beach, Casey Key. However it was farther away than our usual island, Anna Maria, and the weather report was not looking too hot, so we played it safe and went to AMI for the day.  


I packed my new beach bag (thanks Weesa ❤ ) and we grabbed some Pub Sub’s on the way out. Always so delish!


We got there around 12 and it was gorgeous out! It was warm out, but not so much that you’re dying of heat stroke.


Our little set up. I loved those trees behind us. 

Casey wastes no time getting in the water. I wanted to get a little warm first. I found this new drink BOGO at Publix and had to try it. Suja is an organic juice brand with only whole ingredients. I grabbed Carrot and a Mixed Berry one for another day. It was so refreshing!

I swam for a little while and then cracked open my book. I’m almost finished with it! 

Our friend Gary came down and hungout with Casey in the Gulf for awhile. He’s hilarious with his long bleach blonde hair and pot belly. 

It was such a pretty day. As I was reading I came across a part that I really liked: “God long ago drew a circle in the sand exactly around the spot where you are standing right now. I was never not coming here. This was never not going to happen.” It reminded me that we are exactly where we are supposed to be in life. 


We decided to stay until sunset. I was a little bummed that it was so cloudy, but it was still gorgeous on its way down.

Also, I’m not sure what that green orb is in my picture? It shows up a few times. Its never happened before. Ghosties? 

The water had been still all day, so Casey really didnt get to skim board like he wanted to. I loved it though, you’re able to see straight to the bottom! 

He caught a few decent waves. I love watching him in his element. He gets so excited when he gets to be active like this!

The sun started setting even more and it was just gorgeous! Seriously, even with all the clouds its breathtaking. 

One half of the beach was gorgeous and calm and the other had a storm a brewin’! 

It was a great day! We always have such a blast when its just the two of us. He’s the best friend I could ask for.

We got home a little before 9 and I fell right asleep. I waste no time. Sunday I helped my friend Hillary move into her new house with her boyfriend which took most of the day, but they’re all settled now! I did some things around the house and relaxed the rest of the day.

This mornings sunrise on the way home from the gym. Today was my first day back in two weeks 🙈 but I feel great!

Now I’m ready to own this week! Happy Monday! 


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