After literally months of planning, me and my besties finally took our road trip to the Smoky Mountains! 

We left Lakeland around 4 AM on Wednesday. Hil forgot her luggage after we had already left (only her), so after we turned around to grab that we basically had smooth sailing. 


10 hour roadtrips consist of lots of pee breaks, a playlist with everything from Nsync to Dolly Parten to Lil Wayne, and lots of caffeine. Lots. However, the best part is playing Family Feud and pretending to be Steve Harvey! Oh Lord, the laughs. 3 overly tired girls and “are you going to pass or play?!” Makes for some seriously good cackling. 


We all took turns driving and were so excited to finally see some mountains! Even the wittle baby ones. 


At some point we stopped at The Plantation House to stretch our legs and Hillary graced them with her super cute slippers 😂 those things had us rolling! 


Seriously yall, those moutains. 😍


After fooooorever we finally made it through Georgia and cut through North Carolina. As much as I love Florida, the scenery here and the chilly weather was to die for! 


Around 4 we finally made it to Tennessee. Thank God Alisa was driving because those mountains are something serious! I am the worst backseat driver and I’m pretty sure they were both ready to kill me after about the 5th “slow down!” 😂

It was hard to really capture how big the moutains were when we were driving. But they made you feel tiny. 


After the sketchiest 15 minute drive up the mountain (complete with steep winding zig zag turns and a ledge straight down on one side) we made it to our resort. Safe and sound!


Our condo was a one bedroom with two more beds in the upstairs loft. It had really cozy cabin decor and a fireplace, but the best part was the balcony…

The 15 minutes it takes to get up the sketchy mountain was worth it for this view. Our resort was known for “the best view in the Smoky’s” and I really can’t argue. It was ten times more breathtaking than any picture could show! 



We decided to brave the drive down mountain  to get some dinner in downtown Gatlinburg. None of us had ever been to Dick’s Last Resort so we decided on that! It’s a resturaunt that “serves with sarcasm” – basically they’re jerks to you on purpose. And they make you wear a mean hat. It was pretty interesting!

Someone hit me with a paper ball, they threw your menus at you, and tossed napkins and straws all over the place. What a waste, right?! I also thought my hat was really mean! But there was no time to be #sensitivesally. Alisas said she was easier than community college and hils was just a weeeee bit too inappropriate to put here 😂


While the environment was fun, the food was not worth the money. I got crabcakes and fries for $17 that were nothing special. You really pay for the atmosphere here! 


We walked around for a little bit, grabbed some ice cream and headed home. We were exhausted from all that driving. Alisa made sure to keep me up all night cracking up in our loft; reminiscing about her bed sets as a child and my sleep walking stories. I swear she cracks me up!


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