Almost a month later and I’m finally posting a part two on our road trip. Oops. Lets just chalk it up to being a busy bee and dive right in! 


Thursday morning we woke up and walked to the main office on a mission to steal handfuls of their coffee creamer + sugar. The mission was a success 👌🏼 


We had coffee and enjoyed the breathtaking views before getting ready to go hiking! 


 We decided to hit the hiking spot that said it had waterfall views. Totally lost, we asked some guy and his son which way to go after we parked. We should have known by their super legit hiking gear that an “easy two mile hike that way” would not be so easy peasy. We literally hiked a vertical mountain for what felt like hours. Im talking treadmill on the highest possible incline ever. Our legs were on fire and I genuinely thought I may just roll all the way back down. 


By none other than the grace of God we made it halfway to the top. There was a big lookout point with this gorgeous view! Look at how the leaves had started to change 😍 us Florida girls were in heaven. 

There were a few other people up there (who drove, might I add) and they were asking us why we walked the whole way, didn’t we know that bears walk up here all the time? Ummmmmmmm… Cue fear. 

Needless to say we high tailed it back down and fast, damn near tumbling down. Our speed walking was accompanied with out of breath convos on what to do if a bear does show up. Run? Climb a tree? Play dead? Before we knew it we were back down the mountain and got in my car. We drove back up like we should have from the beginning, parked and started the real hiking. 


It was so pretty! The weather was nice and the hike was somewhat challenging.  


Im not 100% sure but I think we hiked for a few hours. The trail finally ended with a beautiful waterfall!


The rocks were gigantic! The water flowed all through them. Seriously gorgeous! And of course we had to get a picture on the fallen tree bridge 💁🏻


The hike back down was much easier. We never saw a bear which was kind of a bummer, I really wanted to get a peek at one! But we did see a chipmunk, so I guess thats like almost the same thing right?! 😉


We relaxed when we got home and then ordered some food from the lobby. I think we ate our weight in junk, but thats what vacation is for! 

After that we got ready to go out downtown! It felt good to get all dressed up, especially after being in the woods all day. We also called a cab so we could all have a good time and not worry about driving up those mountains after some drinks 🙌🏼  it was worth the money!


These are the only pictures I still have of that night. I had to clear out my phone and this is all that survived. Basically, we hit the moonshine tastings, wine tastings, resturaunts, and bars. We also went to the Mellow Mushroom slushie bar which was delish! We ended the night at an irish pub with live music where alisa was adamant about singing American Pie for everyone 😂 her an Hil did end up dancing to Backstreet Boys by the end of the night! Those two crack me up, I swear. 

Our cab driver had an earful on the way home. Everything from “where do you live?!” To “how do you drive up these mountains everyday?!” To “what do you do when you see a bear??”. Bless her heart 😂 we got home and passed right out. The night was a definite success, even if we tapped out at midnight! I guess that’s what happens when you get old. 


On Friday morning we went to breakfast and then to Sugarlands Stables to horseback ride! This was my favorite part of the trip. 


The ride was about an hour and went through the Smokies on a trail. The views were amazing! Even if Alisa about died from allergies haha. 


It had been years since I rode a horse. I forgot just how fun it was! I would do this again in a heartbeat. 

The rest of the day was spent shopping downtown and stopping for lunch and drinks at a sports bar. Later in the evening they wanted to do a haunted house and I had a mini panic attack as soon as we walked in side. #weeniealert. I waited outside for them and we headed back to the resort to relax the rest of the night!


Saturday morning was foggy and rainy. The weather said it would be like this all day, so our options were limited on what we could do. We knew we were hungry so we looked up good places to eat in Pigeon Forge and decided on The Old Mill. We drove over an hour to get there but it was slammed and our bellies did not want to wait. We ended up going to a place down the road that wasnt half as fun but there wasnt a wait. After we ate we decided to hang around Pigeon Forge awhile since we were all the way there. 


We hit this Christmas Village which was room on room on room of everything Christmas. I died and went to heaven! I wouldnt even know where to begin if I was actually trying to buy something. Id love to go back with a wad of cash!


We grabbed some Starbs and hit a few more places before heading back to Gatlinburg. Once we were home we watched a scary movie, did face masks, drank mimosas and ate pizza. It was a lazy, dreary day. 


We started to pack our bags because we planned on heading back to Florida around 4 or 5 the next morning. Then around 10PM we were like, why wait? Were awake. Lets just leave now! So we loaded up, headed out, drove all night and were home by 9 the next day. 

The trip was a blast, even if we didnt get to white water raft or zipline. There’s always next time! This post was a little bland since most of my pics got deleted and its been so long, but its all Ive got! I cant wait for the next roadtrip we take! 



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