Twenty four things that I hope to happen in my twenty fourth year:
1. Graduate college

2. Get a teaching job!


4. Consistently lose weight

5. Take more trips

6. Self love

7. Keep raising my credit score! #adulting

8. Build a better savings

9. Get closer to God

10. Be a better friend

11. Read more books

12. Be an incredible teacher

13. Start spinning again

14. Have an open heart with my students

15. Don’t kill Heather when she moves in

16. Spend less money. yeahhhh.

17. More time in the sun!

18. Get a dog

19. Write more

20. Consistently go to church

21. Take care of my skin

22. Get better at doing the dishes

23. Enjoy every moment

24. Don’t be held back by fear or uncertainty

Here’s to my last week of being 23! 🍾 It’s been one hell of a year, but I am definitley ready to kiss it goodbye. See you soon 24! 


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